Stainless steel precision parts Machining Distortion measures Medical

Apr 05, 2020




  It is Yamada who seems to be taking a walk of a dog.

  The temperature has become very easy to walk, but it's gone.

  By the way, this week's cutting process is a stainless precision part!



  The thickness is thin ...

  It is a stainless steel product that is often distorted unless cut well when cut on thin

  As there are many shapes, there are many shapes.

  It is a machining program.

  When clamped with a vice, it may be crushed or the cut part may be distorted

  In most cases, distortion occurs when the cutting process is over and removed from the vise.

  As a processing method in such a thin case, pressing the top surface of the product is effective.

  You can fix it by creating a jig and fastening it to the jig with a clamping plate.

  That said, distortion will inevitably occur, so after roughing, we will re-cut the thickness!

  Since it is both sides, it is cut with great care.

  This time, a prototype was made of stainless steel and aluminum.

  We are available for various materials, but we are sorry for magnesium.

  It will not be supported.

  Please feel free to contact us!