Processing of thin shim Wire discharge 

Apr 05, 2020




  I went to the sea and applied sunscreen, but I immersed my whole body in the sea and played

  It is Yamada where sunscreen fell and burned.

  Sunburn is painful, isn't it? It's hot and hot.

  By the way, this cut product will be used for thin shim processing!



  0.5 mm thick. Very thin!

  Since this shim is too thin, it was processed with a wire cut electric discharge machine!

  Of course, thin shims are not machined directly on wire electric discharge machines,

  A jig for fixing a thin shim is manufactured at a machining center and then set on a wire electric discharge machine.

  It looks easy to process in terms of appearance, but thin products

  There are so many troublesome patterns that I am not good at processing ...

  Mitake Factory can process with the know-how of skilled craftsmen

  If you are looking for a product with a thin shape or a processing shop, we are waiting for you!