Metal Processing Technology

If it is metals machining, please give it to me.

The goal is to consider both speed and accuracy.

Since its establishment, guteng technology institute has been committed to hone technology and continuously meet the needs of The Times. Complex shape, fine machining, difficult cutting materials processing, and so on, in a wide range of stress aspects are also highly evaluated by the enterprise.

  • Five axis linkage processing, dealing with complex shape.

    The 5-axis linkage machining can control the 3-axis, tilt axis and rotation axis of XYZ at the same time, and realize the complex shape machining that the previous 3-axis machining can not correspond to.

    Complex three-dimensional surface, high three-dimensional shape processing

    It can quickly correspond to inclined holes, etc.

    Tool protrusions become longer, resulting in squeaks processing, which can be reduced by moving the A and C axes, without discharging.

    Through simultaneously 5 axis and multi - surface distribution processing, reduce the number of procedures, reduce tool load, can achieve higher precision product processing.

  • Support high - difficulty fine machining.

    Fine hole processing and other requirements of precision metal processing also please commission. Technicians with high knowledge and experience choose the most suitable machining method according to the material and shape.

  • machining a variety of difficult materials

    In addition to iron, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel and other general metals, but also proficient in resin, quenched steel, casting, can be a wide range of raw materials processing.

  • handles many materials such as difficult to cut materials.

    From a prototype of the commission, to small and medium-sized batch, batch production are corresponding. Guteng has built a system that allows flexible decisions on production schedules based on a variety of requirements. Please feel free to discuss the delivery date if possible.

  • Processing fixture of our company design ~ manufacturing is also possible.

    Assembled 20 years of metal processing technology, processing fixture design and production of our company. Precision requirements, to ensure that the number of projects and the time for debugging and changing work can be reduced, the cost of mass production can be controlled.

Processing case

machining of metals