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Jamesli Precision Machining has been engaged in metal parts machining for 20 years, starting from the processing of mold parts, as a continuously selected factory by medical, semiconductor, and other enterprises, with CAD/CAM simultaneous use of 5-axis machining, processing center, CNC lathe machining as the center, the technology has been honed. High precision and short delivery time, as proficiency in a wide range of material processing experience, from trial production to mass production can be corresponding.

Selected by Many Industries and Enterprises

Medical parts, auto parts, air parts, ship parts, industrial machinery parts, etc Repeat rate 98.3% (up to 2016)

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  • Look for Contractors Who Are Flexible in Terms of Short Delivery Time and Price.
  • Looking for Contractors Who Can Handle Metal Machining with More Complex Shapes.
  • Want to Reduce Cost but Not Product Quality.
  • Hope to Put Forward a More Efficient Processing Method.
  • Looking for a Contractor Who Can Contract with Even One Sample.
  • Because of the Existing Customer's Delivery Delay a Lot of Trouble.
  • Can Not Meet the Accuracy of Products Provided by Existing Customers.