How to Find a 5-axis Parts Manufacturer in China

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How to Find a 5-axis Parts Manufacturer in China

Oct 10, 2022

How to find a 5-axis parts manufacturer in China

Do You Know How to Find a 5-axis Parts Factory in China? Are You Still Upset That Your Suppliers Are Not Meeting Your Expectations? in This Article I Will Tell You How to Find a 5-axis Parts Manufacturer in China, and Teach You Some Good Ways to Judge Truly High-Quality 5-axis Parts Manufacturer.

If You Want to Find a Good 5-axis Parts Processing Manufacturer in China, First of All, You Need to Know What 5-axis CNC Equipment Is, and Also Need to Understand the Industrial Distribution of CNC Processing in China and the Development History of China's Parts Processing and Manufacturing Industry. It is Very Helpful for You to Purchase 5-axis Parts in China in the Future.

What are 5-axis CNC machines and how do they work?

5-axis parts machining

The 5-axis CNC Machining Process is Also Very Similar to the 3-axis CNC Machining Process. However, It Has Some Very Important Features That Can Provide Both Additional Shafts and Greater Cutting Flexibility.

In 5-axis CNC Machining, the Spindle and Tool Move Along Three Axes. However, There Are Other Rotations Around the X Axis (called the a Axis), the Y Axis (called the B Axis), and the Z Axis (called the C Axis). 5-axis Machines Can Utilize Any Two of These Rotation Axes, Depending on Their Configuration.

Based on This Feature, 5-axis CNC Machining Has Been Adopted with Different Capabilities. It Can Be Used for Milling, Turning, Etc. As a Result, You Only Need a Single Machine to Handle Multiple Parts.

What is the difference between 4-axis and 5 axis CNC?

The Main Difference Between 4-axis and 5-axis CNC Machining Centers on the Extra Axes They Have, Which Further Leads to Other Subtle Differences.

Axis Differences

4-axis CNC Processing Has One Additional Axis, Namely the A-axis, While 5-axis CNC Processing Has Two Additional Axes, Which Can Be the A-axis, B-axis or C-axis Depending on the Configuration.

Shaft Rotation

4-axis CNC Machining Allows Rotation on the A-axis, While 5-axis Allows Rotation on Two of the Three Axes (a-axis, B-axis and C-axis).


5-axis CNC Machining Has One More Axis Than 4-axis CNC Machining. Not Only is It Extra, It's Not Localized Yet. Localization in This Context Means That the 4-axis Cnc Machining Additional Axis is Always Located on the X-axis. and 5-axis Cnc Machining Can Be on Two Xyz Axes. This Additional and Non-localized Attribute Gives 5-axis Cnc Machining an Advantage over 4-axis Cnc Machining in Terms of Flexibility.

The Cost Of

The Characteristics and Functions of 5-axis CNC Machining Make It More Expensive Than 4-axis CNC Machining.

Regardless of Their Specific Configuration, All 4-axis and 5-axis Machines Can Move Their Cutting Tools in More Diverse Ways and at More Angles Than 3-axis Machines. This Allows for More Complex Machining Operations and Higher Accuracy, and Eliminates the Need for Multiple Settings.

China 5-axis Parts Manufacturer Industry Distribution

In China, Most CNC  Parts Processing Equipment is 3-axis and 4-axis. This Section Will Introduce the Distribution of China's Machine Tool Equipment Manufacturers and the Distribution of China's Non-standard Parts Manufacturers and Cities. then the Main Distribution of High Precision Five-axis Equipment in China Will Be Introduced。

CNC processing equipment manufacturers in China distribution

At Present, the Global CNC Machine Tool Industry is Mainly Concentrated in Asia, the European Union, and the Americas, Among Which China, Japan, and Germany Are the Main Producers of CNC Machine Tools. Specifically, in 2022, the Market Size of China, Japan, and Germany Accounts for 32%, 32%, and 17% Respectively, While the United States Accounts for Only 6%.

From the Regional Distribution, the Numerical Control Machine Tool Industry Aggregation Effect is Obvious, Enterprises Are Mainly Distributed in Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shaanxi and Guangdong and Other Places, Including Shandong Enterprise Density, is the Highest.

Locations and Cities of China's Non-standard Parts Manufacturing Plants

For Sheet Metal, Machining, Mold Manufacturing, Casting, Stamping, Plastic Molding These Six Processes, Let's Take a Look at the City Process Proportion Analysis:


Analysis of Process Proportion in Major Cities


The Total Number of Factories in Suzhou Ranks First in China, and Dongguan Ranks Second Only to Suzhou in the Number of Factories. the Factories of Mold Manufacturing and Plastic Molding Account for About 10% of the Country, Forming a Complete Mold and Injection Molding Industry Belt. with Its Influence As an International City, Shanghai Has Built Itself into a Global Production Center, Trade Center, Economic Center, and Financial Center. It is Still the Core City of the Manufacturing Industry and the Preferred Place for the Headquarters of Leading Domestic and Foreign Enterprises. Ningbo, Shenzhen, Kunshan, Changzhou, Wuxi, Cangzhou, Qingdao, and Other Places Are Also Important Manufacturing Areas. Detailed Analysis Can Be Found in the Full White Paper.


Take the Plastic Molding Process As an example, the Number of Factories in the Top 10 Cities of This Process Accounts for About 60% of the Country


How to Find a CNC 5-axis Parts Manufacturer in China

Find Some High-quality 5-axis Parts Processing Manufacturers Through the Internet Platforms of Alibaba and Made in China Network, but You Need to Judge Whether the Quality is High Through Various Aspects, You Can Go to Their Linking or Facebook or Their Official Website to See the Introduction and Pictures.

These Are Simple Methods. Another Way to Do This in China is Through Trading Companies, Which Have Many Sources of Parts Manufacturing Suppliers. We Also Have Very Professional Multilingual Business People. Trust Them to Give You the Best Help.

How to Judge a Truly High Quality 5-axis parts manufacturer

Problems Encountered by Chinese 5-axis parts manufacturer

In China in the Decades of Reform and Opening-up, the Economy Has a Lot to Improve, a Lot of Parts Processing Factory Also Slowly Began to Rich, Began the Development of Their Factories, Also Can Buy Affordable High-end Five Axis Manufacturing Equipment, but Because China is Now a High-end Technical Talent Scarcity, This Has Also Led to Many Factories, Although There is a Good Equipment, Will Not Be Able to Produce High-Quality Parts.

How Can We Avoid Such Factories?

First, I Think You Need to Know Their Real Production Environment and Scale, As Well As Whether All Aspects of the Certification is Complete. then You Can Try to Find More Suppliers, While Making Samples, After Your Verification, You Can Carry out Small Batch Production, More Than a Few Times You Know How to Choose.

What Are the Quality Inspection Standards of China's 5-axis parts manufacturer?

I Have Been Engaged in the Parts Processing Industry in China for More Than Ten Years. in My Opinion, Most of the Small Factories in China Have No Standard Quality Standards. if You Are Lucky Enough to Find a Large Factory, They Will Generally Ignore You Unless Your Order is Large. if Your Quantity is Too Small, You Can Only Find Small Processing Plants in China, and the Quality is Hard to Guarantee.

How to Avoid Parts Quality Problems?

If You Want to Solve This Problem, There Are Many Ways, if You Have a Reliable Friend in China or a Third Party Testing Agency, It is a Good Choice. As Far As I Know, Many of Them Are Arranged by a Chinese CNC Trading Company, Which is Far More Convenient Than Communicating with the Trading Company Yourself. You Only Need to Communicate with the Trading Company About the Quality Standard, and They Will Help You Find the Right Supplier for Manufacturing.

How to Know the Size of Parts Manufacturing Plant?

You Can Through the Internet Platform to Search for Relevant Information of the Factory, to Determine the Scale of the Factory, There Are Some Good Way is by Some Friends in China You Find out Anything About Their Company Registration Information and Personnel, and then Make a Phone Call to Ask or Field to Visit Them, but You Know They Do Not Represent the Size of Their Production Quality is Very Good, This Also Needs You to Continue to Produce Slowly to Know Its Quality and Level.

FAQ Manufacturer

What is XYZ axis CNC?

The XYZ axes depict the direction of movement of the CNC machine. The X-axis depicts the left and right movements. Y-axis depicts the forward and backward movement, and Z-axis depicts the up and down movement. 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machining work based on this axis with a rotatory effect on the part of the axis. For 4-axis CNC machining, a rotatory effect is seen on X-axis, while for 5-axis CNC machining, a rotatory effect is seen in two of the axes.

What is a 6-axis CNC?

There is also a 6-axis CNC machining process. However, it is designed for volume machining. The 6-axis CNC machining, when used, is highly efficient, leading to a huge cut in time used in production.