Aluminum parts processing Medical Please leave precision parts

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Aluminum parts processing Medical Please leave precision parts

Sep 29, 2022




  Local cherry blossoms have begun to fall ...

  I went to see the cherry blossoms in Tokyo, but for some reason I ended up not seeing the local cherry blossoms.

  I'm sorry···.

  What's cutting in this article! !

  Processing of aluminum parts!



  It will be a thumb size product!

  The material is A5056 aluminum.

  I cut a hole shaped like an ear of Mickey Mouse on an aluminum round object.

  There is a solid intersection.

  It's a crossing hole between 0 and +0.02!

  There are holes like the ears of Mickey Mouse with big holes and small holes,

  If cutting is done in two steps, front and back, holes will be misaligned

  The point is that it is cut in one process!

  Since it is an aluminum product, it is usually a silver product,

  We also performed black dyeing processing at our company!

  Aluminum precision parts such as prototypes for super-express delivery, by all means