Automotive industry Stainless steel distortion measures

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Automotive industry Stainless steel distortion measures

Sep 29, 2022




  We cut to GW for a week!

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  By the way, this week ’s cutting process

  Prototype automobile related stainless steel distortion countermeasures!

  Prototype is a prototype shop, so we always do it!

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  Material SUS304

  Work size 50 × 50 × 60

  Industry automotive industry

  About 60% of inquiries about stainless steel scraping

  Thank you very much.

  Stainless steel is a material that is difficult to machine.

  It will be the same every time,

  The scary thing about stainless steel is that the distortion after cutting is the scariest.

  If the shaving method is wrong, distortion will occur just by cutting the step of 0.5 mm

  It is a natural world.

  Of course, in the exchange with the customer, the important parts in the drawings and 3D data

  Let's talk with the general intersection level

  Distortion may occur at the general intersection level.

  Shaving means that the knife and the material have heat.

  Stainless steel is easily deformed by heat, causing distortion.

  There are two types of cutting methods after understanding that distortion occurs

  In this product, we cut in a way that minimizes distortion!



  Do you see that more than half of the material is cut off?

  Because the shape is a shape, it is also necessary to clamp the finish machining after roughing

  It will be hard.

  So, this time, we chose to minimize distortion.

  The first method of suppressing distortion is that the knife used is sharp.

  The poor sharpness increases the resistance between the blade and the material

  This is because the material has heat.

  The second is that the shape can be cut a little larger while firmly clamped.

  In other words, it is important that the material is firmly fixed.

  When thinking about trying to clamp thin with a vice,

  The clamping part may be deformed by the clamping force of the vise.

  And the reason that the shape part can be cut even a little big is to reduce the number of processes anyway.

  If the number of processes increases, the last one of the processes will have less clamping parts

  It is often clamped, so if the part you are finishing is clamped and deformed

  Because everything could be ruined,

  It is important to be able to sharpen sharply in a situation where it can be clamped firmly



  There was a short delivery time, but this product was cut for Saturday and Sunday!

  The quantity was three pieces, but I first cut one piece and then made the other two pieces

  If you are working after GW, you will be able to procure materials from a material store until this Thursday

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