CNC turning of elliptical shaft S45C

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CNC turning of elliptical shaft S45C

Oct 08, 2022



  Long time no see

  This is Yamada.

  This processed product will be an oval shaft!



  The point is that it is machined from round material and processed using an index.

  It does not take much time to perform cutting using a 5-axis processing machine with the chuck alone, and a processing method that does not use the core of a ball end mill

  It becomes a beautiful cutting surface, but ...

  If the chuck is used alone, the cutting object will become a vibrating surface, so we used an index to cut it.

  Naturally, it will be processed by 180 degrees, but by setting the cut depth finer

  Although the processing time is longer, it is now possible to make a relatively clean cutting surface.

  The point is to devise so as not to interfere with the index! !

  In addition, since the ellipse had an intersection of 0.01 units, I cut it with a ball end mill while feeling frightened.

  If you have any problems with metal cutting, please contact us.