Various shapes with 5-axis processing machine! Aluminum mold complex shape

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Various shapes with 5-axis processing machine! Aluminum mold complex shape

Sep 29, 2022





  First of all, let me tell you

  This item can also be processed by 3-axis processing!

  Well, why not use XYZ 3-axis machining? Isn't it cheaper to process with a machining center?

  If you think so, I think you come. Of course, the charge per hour varies depending on the type of machine tool.

  Furthermore, do you think that it is better to work with a machining center than with a 5-axis machine? So why a 5-axis machine ...

  The point is the amount of tool protrusion

  For the ideal amount of tool protrusion,

  By keeping it within 5 times the tool diameter, the cutting conditions and the cleanness of the cut surface will be good!

  However, if it becomes more than 5 times the tool diameter

  Cutting conditions will be reduced and the quality of the cut surface will be lost.

  Cost of purchasing tools by custom order

  If you purchase a special order, delivery date and amount will change significantly.

  Considering machining time, purchased items, and high precision, 5-axis machining is more advantageous!

  Since it is a 5-axis machining, it is easier to protect within 5 times the tool diameter by tilting the object!



  As you can see, it has a shape with undercut!

  In simultaneous 4-axis machining, there were places where simultaneous 5-axis machining was partially performed,

  For simultaneous 4-axis machining as much as possible for high accuracy

  NC processing with a tool path so that it becomes!



  Minimum R is R0.5!

  Of course, the protrusion of the tool is less than 5D!

  Since the cutting speed is also fast, the processing time and finished with high precision!

  Because it is a mold-related item, 5-axis machining is performed with great care for steps caused by cutting tools and precision errors and steps caused by multiple axes!



  By the way, this time the minimum is R0.5

  If the protrusion amount is also 3 axis machining,

  Where 30 mm of protrusion is required

  With 5-axis machining, 2 mm! (Part to be cut)



  Material A2017

  Work size 100 × 130 × 200

  It will be a relatively small mold!

  Here, the minimum R is not 2R and it is not that small R shape,

  If you try to process only with 3D processing,

  It has a shape where the holder and the object interfere ...

  So, as for how to make this time, 3D processing is possible,

  Partially created by 5-axis machining!

  The thing this time has no undercut shape, but where it must be processed with a thin ball end mill,

  Considering the amount of tool protrusion, there are places where you want to process with EDM

  With a 5-axis processing machine, it can be processed in one process!

  If the number of processes increases, problems such as accuracy and money will arise.

  We reduce the number of processes as much as possible

  And, in some cases, we do the cutting work after creating the jig!



  Angled inside and under shape!

  This processing is done by simultaneous 5-axis processing machine

  I'm cutting!

  Can't it be a 5-axis machine?

  Not at all!

  But ... a special tool, T-slot cutter

  You have to buy it each time.

  Because it is not the shape that is in stock

  It becomes correspondence by special order,

  When it is a single item, it is very expensive.



  This product is a machined product by simultaneous 4-axis machining.

  In this machining method, one roughing and one finishing

  Cutting was performed by two programs in total!


  The movement of the cutting tool was performed by simultaneous 4-axis machining with A-axis fixed.

  High precision and speedy cutting!

  We are focusing on three-dimensional shapes! 3D and complex shapes

  If you have any trouble

  We look forward to your inquiry! !

  5-axis machining is expensive because of time

  You can do it cheaply with a machining center!

  … If you review it once, you can make a good product cheaper

  Is there a possibility?