Quality Management

Quality control starts from the moment of consultation.

All of the manufacturing processes including the arrangement are quality.

Jamesli Precision machining provides you with products that satisfy the enterprise, so that you can trust Jamesli Precision machining in the future, and maintain and improve the product quality with a thorough quality management system.

  • 1

    The full-time technical personnel shall negotiate with the enterprise.

    When you call, email or visit the enterprise, all the discussions about metal processing are directly in the charge of the technical personnel of Jamesli Precision machining. We should not only rely on drawings to convey, but also correctly grasp the detailed requirements of enterprises. In order to provide better products, we also put forward the most appropriate processing methods.

  • 2

    Make production plan considering speed and precision.

    According to different technicians, they are good at different itineraries and materials. Jamesli Precision machining, according to the case, selects the most appropriate technical personnel in charge, through the sharing of all information about the product, develops a production plan that does not waste while taking into account speed and precision.

  • 3

    In process inspection to detect defective goods early.

    Every time Jamesli Precision machining carries out machining, technicians must confirm the accuracy. Before a product is finished, it should be confirmed repeatedly and made. Protect quality through these small accumulations.

  • 4

    Double check system to prevent human error.

    The accuracy measurement and inspection of the finished product is done by the engineer who took charge of the processing first. The second inspection and inspection will be carried out by the inspector. Double check prevents human errors and ensures stable quality.

  • 5

    High precision measurement using a three-dimensional measuring instrument.

    In order to assure the precision of processing of high precision and complicated parts, precise measurement using a three-dimensional measuring instrument is carried out according to the demand of the enterprise. Measure the flatness, straight angle, cylindricity, heart circle, etc.and deliver the product with measurement data.

  • 6

    Delivery and packing in the best condition.

    Before delivery, remove fat, dust and metal pieces on the product surface. After cleaning, rust treatment according to the material. The product is carefully packed with bubble cushioning material, and it is responsible for the product to reach the product.